Effectiveness and Five Defined Actions

When a leader achieves his or her objective, there is a reason for it. When they do not, there is a reason for that too. Long-term success as a leader is reliant upon understanding the skills and behaviors applied during those efforts and repeating the successful ones and avoiding those that were unsuccessful. Many people think that winners are born with those traits, but in reality, they are all learned behaviors.

Here are five defined actions to create success for your teams.

  • Action one. Define your future state. What is your purpose, mission, objective, expectation, or goal? Be crystal clear about what exactly you want to achieve.

  • Action two. Define your current state. What is the specific status or results that you are currently achieving? Be honest. Honestly assessing your current state allows for thoroughly tackling Action Three.

  • Action three. Define what specific steps you need to put in place to achieve your future state. This starts with determining what your mindset will need to be. How do you need to think about things? How do you need to feel about things? Next, determine the behaviors you will need to take to move toward your goal. Behaviors are the things that you do. Ultimately, they must be observable actions. 

  • Action four. Define team actions. What do they need to know? How do they need to do things? Why do those things matter? When do they need to do them? What does a culture of action and commitment look like for the team? Create effective training, set clear expectations, establish measures of accountability (including recognition).

  • Action five. Maintain focus on your objective. Be flexible and stay nimble with behaviors, but don't lose sight of your established purpose, mission, expectations and goals. Establish clear timelines and guidepost to achieve them. Remember to celebrate the wins along the way to build momentum. And lastly, learn from it all. Reflect on your wins and losses. What should be repeated and what needs to change? 

As shown in Gapology, IMBAR, Speed of Purpose and in a million other books, videos, and podcasts, there are many methods, tactics, and processes to grow in your leadership and to help your team achieve success in their roles. Stay curious about learning these new tips and apply those that work for you! 

Everyone have a fantastic week. We'll talk to you soon!

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