Get Moving

We have all heard that one of the biggest keys to losing weight is to simply get moving. Just move your body. Start with 20 minutes a day. Just walk. A simple thing like this added into your normal daily routine can make long-lasting changes to your health.

Of course, if you couple that with adjusting your eating habits to include a healthy salad and veggies, you can dramatically move your health improvement process along even faster. But the key is to just move. Get up and move your body. Start slow. Learn what behaviors work best for you and your lifestyle that can be truly sustainable. As you begin to move consistently, you will find that it becomes easier and less of a chore. With this will come the removal of excuses to move. Now you will build momentum and continue on your journey to improved health and wellness. This process of getting moving to create sustainable results, directly translates to the methods used to exceed expectations in leadership. In the Gapology Model, we show how creating action is the ultimate objective. It starts by making sure that our teams know what to do and how to do it. We own that piece. Next, we need to make sure that they understand, believe and agree to the why and the when, the Importance of the things we are expecting them to do. We own that piece too. Once we have closed both the Knowledge and Importance Gaps, we need to create a powerful culture of accountability and commitment around what they do. And by linking a clear and compelling purpose around all of this will drive the desired action we seek for years to come. Tell them what they need to know, tell them why it matters, and tell them what they need to do. This is what will make their own individual choice to move easier.

Just like the process in building a healthy lifestyle, roadblocks will get in the way here too. These are presented as excuses, reasons, or simply the situations that we create in our own minds that prevent us from moving. These are simply excuses not to act. Excuses not to train or teach, excuses not to effectively communicate the behavioral or result expectations that we have for our team. Excuses not to create accountability or track results. The excuses will be everywhere and the reasons why things cannot be done will dominate our thoughts. It is up to us to be diligent in these efforts. We need to be strategic in building these new muscles of leadership. Start slow to ensure sustainability, but remain committed to your objectives and keep moving forward. Through this process of simply getting moving, we will build momentum, skills, and the necessary motivation to continue moving. And with moving, comes improvement and progress. Keep moving my friends. Everyone have a fantastic week, we’ll talk to you soon.

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