The Do Over

One of the great things about being a kid was the “Do Over”. When we were in a light-hearted game with our local gang of friends and we didn’t throw the baseball hard enough or swing the bat fast enough, we’d get to yell out, “Do over!” and we’d get to try it again. Just like that…no one questioned it…the past mistake was erased and we’d get to do it all over again. Usually, we’d quickly correct our form or power and everything would be immediately improved and we’d be instantly happier.

The sad thing is that as we turn into adults the “Do Over” fades from our memories and gets replaced by the feeling of crushing defeat when we make errors in our lives. We start comparing ourselves to the sports teams we worship on Sundays and feel as though everything we do is either win or lose…success or failure.

Here is the beautiful thing though. We do get second chances; we just need to seize them. (Even the sports teams get new seasons each year to try again.) Every day we get up, we have the opportunity to choose how we will think, feel, and act, and as a result things can be different. If things didn’t work out yesterday, we just need the courage to try again. The courage is certainly the hard part, and it is definitely easier said than done, but if we have the will…life will provide the way.

Our mindset and behaviors don’t have to stay fixed…they can change. We can intentionally make the decision to get up off the ground, dust ourselves off and tackle the challenge again. Giving up is the only way to certain failure…the only way to absolutely lose. If we embrace persistence and demand of ourselves a resolute focus on improving and succeeding, we can win.

No one will limit our self-belief more than ourselves…no one could. We just need to accept our mistakes, analyze them, learn what causes them, and improve upon them. The acceptance and analysis is critical to growth, but we don’t need to continue to live in the failure.

Each new day brings new opportunities and among the most important of these is the opportunity for a “Do Over”!

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