The Weakest Link

“A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link.”

This well-known saying holds many truths and its real-world application to the lives of Winning Leadership is evident everywhere.

It is commonplace to see a company with a strong reputation for quality and top-notch service get brought to its knees as the result of a weak link in its team. Organizations can spend millions of dollars on recruiting and training talent, but not one penny of that investment is worth anything if a weak link is left in their fold.

Winning Leaders understand that constant focus must be made to the levels of talent and mindset of their team members. Tremendous effort must be made daily to observe, analyze and identify opportunities to enhance the skills, knowledge and overall commitment levels of each and every one of their associates. Nothing can be left to chance.

They know that when one small thing is missed, when one grudgingly compliant or non-compliant person remains, all of their other efforts to provide a quality product or world-class service will crumble to waste. All it takes is one poor experience to create a reputation of mediocrity, or worse, among the consumer psyche. Customers won’t always give a second chance.

Each team member matters. Every single person in an organization impacts the overall profitability and reputation of the company. From the front line team member, to the management staff, to the accounting department, to the human resources team…each person matters. If one individual is allowed to not meet expectations, a weak link is created and therefore many Performance Gaps are created.  That weak link and his or her Performance Gaps will then impact the internal and external customers in a sea of different ways.

If accounts payable doesn’t pay a bill on time, the reputation to the vendors is tarnished. If human resources fails to respond to an employee relations complaint properly, potential lawsuits could happen. If the maintenance or janitorial teams ignore issues, safety for the organizational team members is at risk.

Many times leaders don’t take the time to appreciate and create accountability around all levels in their organization. Recognition tends to go to the performers with the biggest accounts or largest sales numbers. While big accounts bring in the big dollars and recognition is certainly due those winning team members, the HR Generalist who quickly and effectively responds to potential lawsuits issues that could cost tens of thousands or more, go unnoticed.

Everyone on a team is important. They all matter. Providing daily recognition, direction, support and accountability will demonstrate that they are valuable members of the organization. No one can be forgotten.

The strong links in the chain must be maintained through Winning Leadership to keep their strength. The weak ones must be clipped off and replaced with newer, stronger ones.

A Winning Leader creates a strong organization that quickly identifies and closes any Performance Gaps that may put their chain at risk.

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